• The Electricians’ Cooperative of Chania (E.C.C.) was founded in 1979 as one of the first businesses in the form of a professional partnership in a specific field.

    From the beginning the response of the local market and society to the venture of “their own electricians” was very warm, operating as the best guarantor for the later successful course.


    The mission of the Electricians’ Cooperative of Chania is the provision of integrated, specialized, and affordable technical solutions to professional electricians and engineers as well as individuals for the fulfilment of electrical object projects, investing on one hand in the development of strategic trade collaborations and on the other on the workforce’s expertise.


    Through the implementation of suitable operational programmes designed per section and monitored on a regular basis, the Electricians’ Cooperative of Chania (E.C.C.) aims at accomplishing a total of long-term quantity and quality objectives that ensure the development of the company. In particular, the company’s ambitions focus on the following points:

    • Comprehensiveness in product alternatives for the coverage of the clients’ needs.
    • Rapidity concerning the clients’ service, as time is valuable, especially for professionals in their everyday activities.
    • Systematic expansion of the company’s expertise with regard to trends and technological progressions.
    • Consolidation of a client-centred approach supported not just by contemporary computerized applications, but also by the total of the company’s workforce who process every sale with high quality and thoroughness.


    In order to adapt to the modern needs of an Electrical Hardware Trading company, the Electricians’ Cooperative of Chania (E.C.C.) has implemented a strong organizational structure, which maximizes the productivity and efficiency of business processes. Thus, the organizational structure of E.C.C. is characterized by the following functions:

    • The body of Partners (number of members: 118 people), who make up the General Assembly and constitute the supreme administrative body of the company.
    • A Board of Directors of 5 members, elected every 3 years by the ensemble of the Partners. It consists of the President, the Vice President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and one Member.
    • A Supervisory Board of 3 members, elected every 3 years by the ensemble of the Partners. It consists of the President, the Secretary, and one Member.
    • The Director of the company.
    • The Financial Department – Accounting office, which is staffed by 2 employees.
    • The Residual Customers Management department, with one employee.
    • The Lighting Sales Department, which is staffed by 5 employees.
    • The Electrical Sales Department, which is staffed by 5 employees.
    • The Warehouses Department, which is staffed by one employee.

    At the same time, the company is supported by stable external partners, applying outsourcing procedures for the following functions:

    • Information Systems Management.
    • Marketing Department – Product Projection & Promotion.
    • Activities of the Legal Advisor.


    The financial strength of the Electricians’ Cooperative of Chania (E.C.C.), as well as its leading position in the market of Western Crete, is confirmed by the financial/operational data for the year 2022 which show:

    • Working cycle: 2.800.000 €
    • Total Equity: 778.000 €
    • Staff: 16 people
    • Average Number of Customers Served Monthly: 2.500
    • Average Number of Professionals / Businesses Served Monthly: 650

    The company’s financial data prove that E.C.C. is the main supplier of electrical equipment in Western Crete, implementing the main corporate objective of integrated service, and constantly setting higher operational standards that ensure a long-term successful course.