The staff employed at the Electricians’ Cooperative of Chania (E.C.C.). includes experienced Executives in the critical Αdministrative positions of the company, but also specialized professional Salesmen in the field of electrical material and lighting.

Starting from the personnel selection stage, specific procedures are followed to ensure both the effective utilization of human resources in the organization of the company, as well as their progressive development, in order to meet the defined high standards of the company’s operation.

The existing methods of continuous training of salespeople, which are based on product presentations by suppliers, visits to electrical and lighting production plants, case-studies and internal seminars by experienced executives of the company, constitute an integrated framework for the continuous upgrading of the skills of human resources and, consequently, their productivity.

Today, the company employs 16 employees, whose average length of service in the company is 12 years, which suggests that E.C.C. is a company that invests in the development of its human resources, offers development opportunities to competent executives and, at the same time, is a high-level working environment.