The selection of business partners-suppliers by the Electricians’ Cooperative of Chania (E.C.C.). is carried out through an evaluation process based on specific criteria.

The main criteria taken into account are the following:

Adequate Product Availability: product availability is becoming one of the most critical factors that determine the quality of the Supplier-Customer cooperation at all stages of a supply chain. Adequate Product Availability: product availability is becoming one of the most critical factors that determine the quality of the Supplier-Customer cooperation at all stages of a supply chain. Since modern projects, large and small, require a fast pace in all phases of their completion, the availability of products becomes the focus of interest, as it directly affects the final result, i.e. the degree of customer service.

Organized Customer-Oriented Operation: an effective customer-centric organization of a Supplier has a significant impact on the service performance of the end-customer-consumer.

Is there a structured product code list with up-to-date catalogues and price lists?

Are orders being processed smoothly?

Is there technical support?

Is it possible to contact and get informed about the progress of orders?

Reliability and Consistency in the Context of Strategic Cooperation: The level of credibility, not only of the products but of the business as a whole, has a decisive influence on the extent to which a strategic partnership can be established. The long-term consistency of a company and the demonstration of reliability in what it promises (i.e. reliability of materials, delivery times of orders, flexibility in solving problems, etc.) are undoubtedly an added value that is taken into consideration when choosing

Product Range and Technical Characteristics: The technical characteristics of a supplier’s product offerings, and the corresponding range of alternatives offered, constitute an important
factor in the choice of supplier and products.

Rational Pricing Policy in relation to Quality: The prices products are offered, in relation to their technical and quality characteristics, are also a very important factor in determining the comparative preference of one supplier over another. For all the products offered, it must be ensured that the prices are rational and advantageous for the final customer-consumer. In this sense, the price of a product must be justified by what the respective product offers, such as reliability, usability, design, advanced technical features, ergonomics, etc.

Through an integrated supplier evaluation and selection system based on the above
criteria, E.C.C. has secured a strategic partnership with the following suppliers:

  • ABB – Sewing Material, Industrial Material, Electrical Panels, Socket Switches

  • ACA LIGHTING – Residential and Commercial Lighting

  • ADELEQ – Lamps and Consumable Items

  • AEG – Sewing and Industrial Material

  • AKRIPHOS – Professional Lighting

  • CATA – Ventilation Systems

  • CENTRAL – Telecommunications Material

  • COOPER UNIVEL – Security Luminaires and Fire Detection Systems

  • CYFELCO – Professional Lighting

  • EGLO – Household Lights

  • ENIA – Medium Voltage Materials

  • ETELEC – Waterproofing products

  • FINDER – Automation materials, Sensors

  • GEWISS – Electrical hardware, Socket switches

  • GEYER – Sewing material, Electrical panels, Socket switches

  • IDEAL LUX – Household Lights

  • IKUSI – Antennas, Signal Materials, Satellite Cables

  • IQ – Household Appliances, TVs

  • KT LIGHTING – Professional Lights

  • LEDVANCE – Lamps and Professional Lighting

  • LINEME- Socket switches

  • LUCAS – Professional Lights

  • LUMA – Professional Lights

  • MASTER ELECTRIC- Dimmers, Electrical equipment, Smart home

  • NEXANS – Cables

  • NOVA LUCE – Household Lights

  • NSKEY – Hotel products

  • OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS – Security Lights, Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

  • ORBIS – Thermostats, Detectors, Electrical Material

  • PERRY – Thermostats, Sensors, Electrical material

  • ROINTE – Heating products

  • ROINTESAFEWELL – Telecommunications equipment

  • SAS – Lenses, electrical equipment

  • SELLER – Electrical Boards

  • SENTINEL – Surveillance Systems, Door Automation

  • SONOFF – Smart Home

  • SYLVANIA – Lamps and Professional Lighting

  • TP-LINK – Networking products, Smart home

  • TUNSGRAM – Lamps, Professional lighting

  • VIMAR – Socket Switches, Home Automation and Consumables

  • VIOKAR – Electrical Pipes and Materials for Internal and External Installation

  • VIOKEF – Household Lights

  • ZAMPELIS – Household Lights

  • DIMULAS – Special Cables

  • ELEMKO – Earthing and Lightning Protection Materials

  • ETI – Electrical Boards, Electrical materials

  • Kouvidis – Pipes for cable protection, sewage, drainage

  • MAVICAL – TV, Audio, Camera Cables

  • TEM – Socket switches

  • TECHNICAL DEVELOPMENT – Grounding and Lightning Protection Materials, Measuring Instruments