• 1979: Establishment of E.C.C: blishment of E.C.C: The launch of the company is a breakthrough for the electrical equipment market and the commercial world as a whole. It introduces new standards of service to professionals and individuals by condensing the prices of its products.
  • A characteristic feature of that period is the enthusiasm of professional electricians and engineers for the successful implementation of a great idea that rallies the professionals and increases the efficiency of their professional activity.
  • 1992: Relocation of the E.C.C. facilities to Zymvrakakidon Street. The first Lighting exhibition is created and the storage area is enlarged. The new premises of the company give a big boost to sales and upgrade service standards.
  • 2001: Creation of new modern facilities on Kazantzakis Avenue. Conquering the leading position in the electrical equipment sector in Western Crete, the Management decides to modernize the facilities of E.C.C in order to consolidate this position in the market and ensure the development of the company in the long term. With an eye to the future, a model facility for the marketing of electrical equipment and lighting is designed and implemented, while having modern storage facilities, a presentation room and seminar room, and also adopting complete computerized services to customers. At the same time, it is decided that the Association cohabit with the Cooperative of Electricians, which is the body that has wholeheartedly supported the company and actively helps in its development.
  • 2009: Renovation of the exhibition area of the lighting products. Aiming at a more comprehensive presentation of the alternatives in lighting products and wanting to make the corresponding showroom more functional, the company’s Management carries out a significant investment in renovating and re-designing the interior and exterior of the store, with the support of a team of experienced decorators and other partners.
  • 2010: Development of a comprehensive business reorganization plan.. Setting even higher targets, E.C.C.’s Management decides to draw up a reorganization plan on the basic processes of each department of the company in order to increase productivity. As a result, in cooperation with external consultants on reorganization issues, many of the existing activities are redesigned, the necessary tools are computerized and staff is trained in new roles and responsibilities. At the same time, the company’s human resources are being renewed and a new team is being created with drive and the necessary expertise.

Today: The company is in its fourth decade of life, having added to its vigor the maturity of a long and successful career that allows it to face its prospects with optimism and realism. At the moment, E.C.C. is at the top of the sector in the whole of Western Crete and, without a doubt, the fundamental ingredient of this momentum is the concentration of dozens of professionals, electricians and engineers, who deposit in the company a huge by the standards of the region “property” in terms of know-how, market knowledge and capital support.